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Sexual Safety Advocacy Program

After an incident of sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination, the choice to file a report can often be a scary one. Look at the lists below to help you determine if you should file a report today.

Reasons Students Report

  • You feel unsafe
  • You are extremely uncomfortable seeing the person around campus
  • You are afraid he or she is doing the same thing to other people
  • You do not want the person to get away with what he or she has done
  • You want to feel in control and stand up for your rights
  • You are ready for trained campus staff to intervene

Reasons Students are Hesitant to Report*

  • You feel scared to report
  • You do not want to be named in the reporting process
  • You don't think it is serious enough
  • You are afraid you will regret reporting the incident
  • You are afraid of getting in trouble
  • You are afraid you will be judged for what happened

Report an Incident

*If you identified closely with the list about being unsure of reporting, you may not be ready to make a report. Consider making an appointment to talk with someone in the counseling center where what you say will be confidential until you are ready to take other steps. You can schedule an appointment at 503-493-6499 or visit Student Services on the second floor of Hagen, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

You may choose to report online or in person. If you would rather make a report in person, please make an appointment to see Megan Bouslaugh in Student Services on the second floor of the Hagen building during office hours (9-5 Monday through Friday). If this is an emergency and you are in an unsafe situation, call 911 immediately.