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Residency Requirement

Following is the residency requirement as noted on page 38 of the Student Handbook:

In response to our beliefs about the importance of residential living, Concordia has the following residency requirement:

"As a requirement of graduation from Concordia University Portland, all students under the age of 21 must live on campus for a period of two years. This should take place during the freshman and sophomore years of attendance. Students who are under 21 transferring to Concordia must live on campus for at least one year."

Exceptions to this policy will be made for students who are married, live with their parents within 40 miles of campus, and students taking less than 12 credits. The Housing Review Committee will review all other exceptions.

Procedure to get an exception:

  1. Pick up a Residency Requirement Waiver from Student Services
  2. Fill out this waiver completely and return to Student Services

Please note on-campus housing is guaranteed for those who fall under the residency requirement and apply by the appropriate deadlines. Housing is not guaranteed for juniors, seniors, or graduate students.


The residence hall community is set up programmatically for traditional-age students. Concordia University does not offer housing in the residence halls to married students or students with families.

  • The age limit for Concordia on-campus housing is 17-24.
  • Priority will be given to students under 21 who fall under the residency requirement and to undergraduate students.
  • Students outside of this age range may request special approval from Student Services and, if approved, be housed based on availability.
  • Military personnel who exceed this age range due to service may also apply for housing and, if approved, be housed based on availability.
  • Students 21 and over will be housed in apartments whenever possible.
  • Returning students who fall outside of this range who are currently housed on-campus may continue to apply for housing.

Housing Assignments

Housing assignments are given priority based upon receipt of tuition deposit of $300.00. Please complete the housing form so we can best match you and your roommate. For questions regarding housing information and policies, please contact the Office of Student Services at 503-280-8512.