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Residence Life/On-Campus Housing

At Concordia University we have many options to suit students' diverse needs. Whether you want to live in a traditional residence hall with members of your class, or desire to live in an apartment style setting, we have your needs covered. We hope you discover what so many of our students have - that Concordia University offers some of the best student housing options in the Pacific Northwest

Concordia provides several options for on-campus housing which together create a thriving living-learning community.  We take pride in the fact that our six on-campus housing options offer some of the finest university housing facilities in the Pacific Northwest.  Every standard residence hall room comes with beds, desks, closets, dressers, bookshelves, a microwave, refrigerator/freezer unit, free in-room internet access , and optional cable. Laundry facilities are on-site, and the dining hall is just steps away. Hall lounges provide a place where you can relax, talk, study, or simply hang out. There's always something going on, from organized events like hall dinners and service projects, to impromptu movie marathons, group study sessions, late-night pizza runs, and snowboarding trips.

Residential living has a great impact on the quality of a student's life and has a direct influence on a student's total education.  Numerous studies have shown that students who live in residence halls earn higher grades and have a much greater likelihood of graduating than those off-campus.  You'll create memories, forge friendships, and experience a diverse and culturally rich community.

Please note on-campus housing is guaranteed for those who fall under the residency requirement and apply by the appropriate deadlines. Housing is not guaranteed for juniors, seniors, or graduate students.