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Paycheck Information

Payroll Information on myCU

Accessing myCU

myCU can be accessed by going to and entering in your employee ID# and PIN.  If you are having troubling accessing your my.CU account please contact the IT Help Desk at ext. 6300.

Pay Information

Monthly paystubs, Direct Deposit Allocation, Deduction history and Year-to-Date history is available by clicking on the Employee Tab and Pay Information.

Direct Deposit

  • View Direct Deposit Allocation by selecting the Employee Tab, Pay Information, and Direct Deposit Allocation.
  • Direct Deposit can be updated by scrolling to the bottom under the Direct Deposit Allocation page and selecting Update Direct Deposit Allocation.

Tax Forms

  • W-2 forms can be viewed and printed online by clicking on the Employee Tab, Tax Forms, W-2 Wage and Tax Statement, selecting the Tax Year and Display.
  • To only receive an electronic W-2 form, click on the Employee Tab, Tax forms, Electronic W-2 Consent, check the consent box, and click Submit. By consenting to an electronic W-2 form, you will not receive a paper copy in the mail.
  • To view your current W4 Tax withholdings, click on the Employee Tab, Tax Forms, and W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances.

Important Payroll Dates


Non-Exempt Staff and Student Worker timesheets must be submitted to your supervisor by the 16th of the month.  Please reference the Timecard Calendar for deadlines.

Cutoff Date for any Updates

Updates to W-4, Direct Deposit, Pledges, etc. are due by the 18th of each month (but is subject to change). Please reference the Payroll Calendar for paperwork due dates.

Payroll Period

  • Exempt employees: 1st -31st of each month
  • Non-Exempt employees: 16th-15th of each month

Pay Day

Last business day of each month