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Testing Services

Proctored Exams 

Only students registered with Disability Services can have their exams proctored with Student Services.  Any student not registered with Disability Services will need to contact their instructor/department to make other arrangments for a proctored/make-up exam. It is the student's responsibility to submit a Testing Bay reservation for each exam in which you want to use your testing accommodations. Schedule your appointments at least 7 days in advance and notify your instructor that you have scheduled your exam. Remind your instructor 3-5 days prior to your schedule exam that you will be using DLS Testing Services. 

How to have an Exam Proctored by Student Services:

  1. Student with accommodation of “quiet testing location” and “extended time," must first ask the course instructor to proctor the exam (office, study room, department).  If instructor/department is unable proctor exam, then ACTION IS REQUIRED of the student.  
  2. Student submits a Testing Bay reservation for each exam 1 week in advance (2 weeks for finals) through CU LibCal Online at     
  3. Student reminds instructor 3-5 days prior to scheduled exam that they will be testing in Student Services.  
  4. Instructor delivers exam (in envelope along with PROCTOR EXAM FORM) to Student Services 24 hours before exam date via campus mail, in person, or email to Liisa Ferguson, DLS Coordinator.
  5. Student Services deliveres exam back to instructor as indicated on PROCTOR EXAM FORM.

REMINDER: Please follow these guidelines on how to make reservations and have your exams proctored: DLS Testing Services Guidelines


Questions?  Please submit testing questions to 

Each tesing bay has a 30x 36 desk, high back adjustable chair, desk lamp, and white noise maker in room.


Disability Testing

If you suspect you may have a learning disability and would like to be assessed, you can do so through the Concordia University Counseling Center. The Counseling Center offers comprehensive assessments designed to identify learning disabilities and, attention, cognitive and emotional issues.  Common problems are difficulty with reading, writing, math, attention/concentration, and anxiety.

How do I schedule an appointment for disability testing?

To make an appointment to discuss testing, please contact Counseling Services at #503 493-6499 x.1.

What is the testing process?

The process of testing includes an initial 90 minute intake interview to discuss your concerns, with the following sessions being 2-4 hour testing blocks.  If there are no disruptions, the complete process from intake to report and feedback session will take four weeks from your first assessment session.  All assessments, written reports and feedback sessions are reviewed with the client and remain confidential.  All testing is done by doctoral psychology clinicians in the PsyD Program at George Fox University.  All reports will be reviewed and signed by the supervising licensed clinical psychologist.   

If the student meets criteria for a learning disability, the counselor will explain what accommodations Concordia can provide that would best meet their academic needs. Academic accommodations will then be facilitated through Disabilities and Learning Services.  If the student does not meet the criteria for a learning disability, there will be other recommendations, which Concordia is not responsible for, that may be helpful to the student.

Is there a fee?

While counseling services are free to Concordia students, there is a $450 fee for disability testing services.   

How do I schedule a counseling appointment?

To make a counseling appointment, please contact Counseling Services at #503 493-6499 x.1. For more information regarding counseling, please refer to the Counseling Services