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Testing Services

DLS Testing Services

For students with the ADA Accommodations of “quiet testing location” and “extended time," you must first speak with your course instructor to determine if they can proctor your exam. If your instructor/department is unable proctor your exam, then ACTION IS REQUIRED.  Students will then need to submit a Testing Bay reservation for each exam in which you want to use your testing accommodations.

Requests must be completed through CU LibCal Online at     

Schedule your appointments at least 7 days in advance and notify your instructor that you have scheduled your examRemind your instructor 3-5 days prior to your schedule exam that you will be using DLS Testing Services. The instructor will deliver the exam and proctoring form to DLS Testing Services. 

Please follow these guidelines on how to make reservations and have your exams proctored: DLS Testing Services Guidelines

Disability Testing

If a student is in need of documentation or if you suspect you have a learning disability and would like to participate in testing to determine that, you can do so through the Concordia Counseling Center. The Counseling Center can administer a variety of tests designed to identify issues that may negatively affect learning. Testing is confidential. While counseling services are free to Concordia students, there is a fee for the testing service. To make an appointment to discuss testing as well as the fee involved, contact Student Services at 503-280-8512.