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Career Services

The Career Resource Center... It works!

Do you hope to get a job after college? Of course you do. At CU we are prepared to help see that your career goals are realized!

With a little inspiration, a fair amount of participation and planning, and tons of support, encouragement and guidance from our faculty and staff you will embark on a career path upon graduation from Concordia University.

Some of the services the Career Services has to offer are...

Career Development:

  • Individual Career Counseling
  • Self-assessment
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Career workshops and events
  • Consultations with experts in the field
  • Career readings and information
  • Company literature

Career Planning:

  • Workshops on resume writing, interviewing and job search
  • Access to local job fairs
  • Employment listings (full-time, part-time and Summer/seasonal)
  • Networking assistance