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Parking Policy & Information

University Parking Permits Required:

Apply for a Parking Permit

Parking is free for students, faculty and staff at CU. If you bring a vehicle to CU you MUST have a current parking permit. Parking permit vehicle registration is done on-line. After registering your vehicle on-line permits are obtained from the Public Safety office located in the Hagen Center. The permit must be hung on the windshield's rearview mirror so it is visible from the front. Vehicles parked on campus without displaying a current CU parking permit are subject to a $25.00 fine and may be towed at the owner's expense.

University Parking Locations:

Student and Faculty Parking Locations
Currently parking is available in the following locations: adjacent to Luther Hall (27th & Holman), between the Fine Arts Building and the Gymnasium, east of Centennial Hall along 29th Street, north of the George R. Library & Learning Center, the tennis courts north of the gym, and just south of St. Michael's Church. Escort services are available by calling 503-280-8517.>

Resident Only Parking

  • North of Elizabeth Hall (29th & NE Rosa Parks)
  • Concordia Place Apartments parking lots

Parking Regulations – City Streets:

In cooperation with the Concordia Neighborhood Association, CU has agreed to the following:

  1. No parking on 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th. Avenues south of NE Holman St.
  2. No parking on the East Side of NE 30th between Holman and Rosa Parks.
  3. No vehicles blocking driveways, crosswalks, sidewalks, on a parking strip, in a handicapped access ramp, over the space line, over a foot from the curb, at an angle, park facing the wrong way, or within 10ft. of a fire hydrant.
    (NOTE: You may not block access to/from a driveway. This includes the apron/curb return/wings curve/ or yellow curb of a driveway. They must be completely clear or your vehicle may be cited for blocking a driveway and be towed).

City of Portland Parking Personnel routinely patrols the campus area and they HAVE issued citations and towed vehicles at the owner's expense for these violations. Please help us keep our agreement and allow CU to maintain a good relationship with our neighbors and friends who live nearby.

University Parking Regulations:

  1. Students, faculty and staff who bring a vehicle on campus must have a valid permit.
  2. Each vehicle must park within a single parking space. Contact Public Safety to park oversized vehicles. Motorcycles may park in spaces reserved for motor vehicles.
  3. No parking in restricted areas (i.e. handicapped spaces, fire lanes, loading zones, and temporary no parking areas, etc.).
  4. Do NOT block driveways or the entrances or exits of parking lots.
  5. Do NOT park in a reserved parking space.
  6. Do NOT park blocking other vehicles or loading zones.
  7. Do NOT park in 10 minute zones longer than 10 minutes. Visitors to campus may obtain a free temporary parking permit by calling 503.280.8517.
  8. Do NOT park on lawns, sidewalks, or along yellow or red curbs.
  9. Vehicles parked on campus MUST be properly secured.
  10. Bicycles operated on CU property MUST adhere to all traffic rules/regulations and may not be ridden in the Quad area. Bicycles may NOT be taken inside any CU building. Bicycles may not be chained to building, doors, or fences. They must be parked and locked in a bicycle rack.
  11. Skateboard and Roller Blades are NOT allowed to be operated on CU property.

Citations & Fines:

NOTE: Vehicles on CU property may be towed for any violation without warning or advanced notice.


  • No current parking permit ($25.00)
  • Fire lane or loading zone ($50.00)
  • No parking/reserved parking ($25.00)
  • Handicapped zone ($75.00)
  • Over time limit ($25.00)
  • Violations not listed ($25.00)
  1. Students may pay parking fines by contacting the Student Accounts Department located in Luther Hall, room 200. Unpaid fines are posted to the student's account.

  2. Students may appeal a citation/fine by filing a "Citation Appeal" form with the Director of Public Safety. All appeals must be made within seven days of the date of the citation. The citation appeal forms are available from the Public Safety Office. Citations may NOT be appealed after 7 calendar days of issuance of the citation.

  3. Vehicles with three (3) or more unpaid citations may NOT park on campus and WILL BE towed if found on CU property. Towing of the vehicle does not relieve the offender of the responsibility for the payment of any outstanding citations, fines, or penalties. Towed vehicles will not be released by the Tow Company unless all outstanding fines are paid. Payment of towing fees and storage are the responsibility of the student and/or registered owner of the vehicle.