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Campus Safety


The Concordia University Public Safety Department maintains and preserves campus livability by working with students, staff and faculty to preserve life, protect property, promote a safe environment, respond to emergencies, investigate crimes, promote individual responsibility & campus commitment, and maintain human rights.


A Director of Public Safety oversees a Department of Officers who provide 24-hour patrol, crime prevention and asset protection services and response. Public Safety Officers receive initial and in-service training and are licensed by the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. Arrest powers on campus are granted by Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) under laws enacted to assist campus law enforcement.

Campus Activities

Public Safety works closely with Concordia University Residential Life staff to insure the safety and security of residential facilities on campus and monitors extensive electronic access control and video systems. Concordia University is an alcohol and drug free campus and Public Safety and Residential Life Staff investigate violations of this policy.

Students and staff are escorted on campus when requested and assisted with motor vehicle problems and lost keys, access cards and personal property.  Crime prevention and personal safety presentations and materials are made available to groups upon request and during student and staff orientation.

Public Safety Office

The Campus Public Safety Office is located in Hagen Campus Center. A service desk provides assistance with parking permits, lost & found items, and crime prevention materials. The business telephone number is 503-280-8535. The 24-hour Emergency Telephone is 503-280-8517 & 971-678-4397. To contact us by email: 

Law Enforcement Cooperation

The Public Safety Department maintains working relationships with the Portland Police Bureau North Precinct and Neighborhood Response Teams who provide rapid response to serious incidents that might occur on or near campus. The Portland Police Bureau also reports to Public Safety criminal incidents that have occurred in the surrounding neighborhood.

Crime Reporting

As required by the federal Clery Act, campus crime statistics are published annually for a three-year period in an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. Statistics are compiled for FBI Uniform Crime Report Part I Offenses, hate crimes, sex offenses, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. Reported incidents are from locations on campus or controlled or owned by the college, off-campus facilities utilized by the college, and public property adjacent to the campus.  A Daily Crime Log is also maintained in the Public Safety Office. A printed copy of the past 60 days is available during normal business hours and logs older than 60 days are available within two business days.

Emergency Response

Concordia University is committed to comprehensive, real-time communication in the event of a campus emergency including natural disasters, weapons-bearing individuals, and other situations that pose an immediate threat to the security and safety of those on campus. CU Alert is an automated communication system that simultaneously sends voice, text, and email messages to students, faculty and staff for notification of a campus emergency.

Concordia University has an Emergency Management Plan that guides operational response to an emergency situation or incident on campus.  A Critical Incident Management Team (CIM) using an Incident Command System (ICS) is implemented as necessary to provide an orderly and predetermined alignment of responsibilities among key CU management personnel and to facilitate coordination with external emergency response agencies and organizations.