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Preview Weekend 2013

PREVIEW gave me the chance to see my future…”

Seeing into the future may not be as easy as seeing over the net for Mariah Raudsepp, who at 6'1" tall often looks down on opponents on the other side of the volleyball court. Yet her visit to campus four years ago, as a high school senior, gave her the glimpse she needed to know that the path to her future led straight to Concordia.

Each fall, Preview Weekend at Concordia provides a chance for high school seniors to spend a few days living the life of a Concordia student. Four years ago, 18-year-old Mariah Raudsepp signed up for Preview. Now a senior in the nursing program, an active member of campus leadership, and a member of the women's varsity volleyball team, this 21-year-old Cavalier looks back at the impact Preview made on her life. Here are her thoughts, in her own words....

"As soon as I stepped foot on campus for Preview Weekend, I was immediately greeted by faculty willing to answer questions, future prospective peers who were eager to share their experiences at Concordia, a community of individuals who genuinely cared about one another, and a place that felt like it could be home.

During my time on campus for the weekend, I also had the opportunity to take a campus tour, sit in on a class, and speak with a faculty panel who did a superb job of describing not only what life is like at Concordia, but also emphasized their passion for their roles in education, commitment to the students they work with each day, and dedication to the success of Concordia students – academically as well as emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Concordia is a place that welcomes one and all, and works to develop not only successful students, but efficacious and thriving members of society. I truly feel that this community has the potential to transform any willing student into not only the career-ready individual they desire to be, but also the leader in society that will truly change the lives of other individuals, the community, and even the world.

Once you have interacted with people on campus, it is hard not to invest in the community yourself, and grow as not only a student but as a holistic, well-rounded individual of character. Spending time at Preview Weekend made this clear to me and assisted in my decision to attend Concordia.

To a current high school senior sitting on the fence about attending Preview Weekend and/or Concordia University, I would say: Take a weekend – just one weekend from your year – and give that weekend the chance to change your life. Embrace the Concordia community, let it embrace you, and fully accept opportunities that may lie ahead! Just know that if you do come to Concordia, you will probably find yourself wanting to stay!”

– Mariah Raudsepp ‘14

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