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Sir Ken Robinson Inspires Education Excellence in Portland

Internationally renowned author Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, visited with students at Concordia University and spoke to a sold-out crowd of 600 attendees at the 3rd Annual Gov. Victor Atiyeh Leadership in Education Awards on Feb. 4 at the Portland Art Museum.

The awards ceremony, presented by HotChalk Inc., was held at the Portland Art Museum to raise funds for student scholarships and celebrate innovative leaders in the education field. Concordia University’s College of Education prepares more teachers than any other higher education institution in Oregon.

Sir Robinson cited 3 to PhD™ as a local example of revolutionary education. “Leadership is about creating a climate of possibility. When you create the right conditions of high expectations and give tools to meet those expectations, creativity can flourish,” said Sir Robinson.

Governor Atiyeh and Concordia University President Charles Schlimpert presented the award to this year’s honoree, Kay D. Toran, president and CEO of Volunteers of America-Oregon. Toran is recognized for her lifetime commitment to serving the health and educational needs of all Oregonians.

“What I hope we can achieve in the very short term is to make sure that all children have high quality education from early childhood through college," said Toran. “Our kids can’t wait any longer.”

This year’s Atiyeh Scholars include CU students Scott Cozza, Chelsea Deloney, Shannon Mackaben, Denetta Monk, Damien Ntawumpora, Sable Phillippi, LaDaiju Reese, Catherine Sims, Uma Tullah.

Sir Robinson inspired laughs and applause for his personal stories and ideas on creativity, innovation and leadership. Robinson’s famous 2006 and 2010 TED™ Talks at the prestigious TED Conference have been viewed more than 25 million times.

“Hearing Sir Robinson speak in person was profoundly inspirational. He made me want to be part of the revolutionary future of education and learning,” said Tyler Menzies, a freshman education major at Concordia.

Governor Victor Atiyeh Leadership in Education Awards (video)

Kay Toran - Recipient of 2014 Governor Victor Atiyeh Leadership in Education Award (video)

Concordia's 3 to PhD (video)