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Concordia Honors Veterans, Named Top Military School

CU Law students continue their service

Concordia University School of Law is honored to have nearly 15% veterans in its student body. Named among the 2013 Military Friendly Schools®, and a certified Yellow Ribbon institution, Concordia University is in the top 20% of schools nationwide to deliver the best experience for military students.

Concordia Law student veterans include Christopher Armour, Thomas Matt Wolfe, Andrew Montgomery, Ray Grooms, Spencer Lay, Matthew Hitchcock, Malcolm Copple, Justin Volle, Timothy Woodson. Many of these veterans have served active tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and have chosen to pursue a law degree to continue serving the country.

Here is what two of them have to say about what motivates them to pursue a law degree:

Second Lieutenant Eric Puype served in the U.S. Air Force from ’97-’03, and says he “became very interested in the legal needs of returning combat veterans and access vital transitional, medical, and mental services earned as part of their service. As a law student, I look forward to providing pro bono legal services to veterans in our local area. As a future lawyer, I plan to continue this service for my fellow veterans.”

Retired Major Chris Armour served in the U.S. Air Force for several decades and, through this experience, was inspired to attend law school to preserve our democratic freedoms: “Iran, North Korea, and China are examples abound of places that the freedoms available to people in the U.S., freedoms which are so often taken for granted, simply don’t exist. This was a major motivator for my military service, and continues to drive my desire to continue to serve in the legal profession.”

Law admission director Brian Bava advises “When it comes to higher education, veterans should look for institutions that are state-certified to provide veterans benefits, and institutions that participate in the Yellow Ribbon program.”