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Michael Thomas

Associate Professor of Classical Languages & Humanities Director of Honors Program Department of Theology College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences
Office: Centennial Hall 218 Phone: 503-493-6429
Ph.D. University of Virginia, 2008
M.A. University of Washington, 1996
B.A. Concordia University, Portland, 1993

Dr. Thomas, Associate Professor of Classical Languages and Humanities, returned to his alma mater to join the faculty of the College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences. His academic interest covers the History and Literature of Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity. In particular, his areas of specialization include: Old Testament/Hebrew Bible; New Testament; Patristics; Rabbinics; Greek and Roman History and Religions; Classical and Biblical Languages (Greek, Latin, and Hebrew). Michael teaches a variety of courses at Concordia ranging from Classics to Theology.