Homeland Security

Homeland Security Program

Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness

To meet growing national needs

Since the formation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security more than a decade ago following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a new body of knowledge has emerged, and our national safety and disaster preparedness needs have shifted and grown. 

We offer this degree completion program

Concordia University's Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness program develops leaders to meet these increasing national needs. We have designed this degree completion program for candidates who already have some academic and work experience. Industry experts conduct the courses using the latest concepts in online education delivery. Our instructors deliver classes in eight-week cycles, facilitating both full-and part-time students.

Adhering to homeland security standards

This program follows national curriculum standards the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Center for Homeland Defense and Security has established. Our degree program is regionally accredited through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, ensuring you get the vital information and instruction you need to be successful.

Taught by leading professionals in the field

Our cadre of instructors all have experience in homeland security and includes active and retired police and fire commanders, military leaders, federal agents, and senior members within the discipline of homeland security.

Using a Cutting Edge Simulator for Unparalleled Experience

A totally immersive, state-of-the-art simulator puts you in the center of the action during a wide range of real-life security and disaster-related scenarios – everything from factory explosions, chemical spills, and plane crashes to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and wildfires. It’s a great way to put book and lecture theory into practice – and something you won’t find at any other school in the country.

To prepare leaders for crucial occupations

As part of graduation requirements, students spend time in the field or on internship assignments at public agencies, private companies, and nonprofit organization - supporting our students' smooth advancement into meaningful careers in both public and private sectors. 

In addition to meeting the objectives common to all of Concordia's Bachelor of Science programs, successful candidates of this degree program will demonstrate:


  • The requisite knowledge, skills, personal ethics, and attitudes to provide the leadership necessary to ensure the safety of America's citizens.


  • The necessary skills to properly detect, obtain, and process information regarding risk to communities, citizens, and critical state and national resources.


  • The cooperative skills to inclusively unify diverse community stakeholders in order to create synergy through partnership and collaboration.


  • The specific knowledge and skills required to analyze man-made and natural threats so communities can anticipate, prevent, and counter them.

Many Career Paths, One Mission

Homeland Security and related public, private, and nonprofit employment opportunities include:

  • First Responders - Police/Fire/Medical
  • Public Health
  • Homeland Security Technology
  • Intelligence
  • Emergency Management
  • Risk Management
  • Transportation Security
  • Border Security
  • Cyber Security

Federal, state, and local organizations employing Homeland Security professionals include:

  • National Guard
  • Health Department
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Military Department
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • and more...

Homeland Security Courses

HLS 301- Introduction to Homeland Security
HLS 302 - The Psychology of Terrorism
HLS 312 - Emergency Preparedness and Management
HLS 332 - Social and Political Roots of Terrorism
HLS 320 - Cyber Security
HLS 342 - Values & Security Policy
HLS 352 - Legal, Moral, and Civil Rights
HLS 362 - RISK Assessment, Analysis, and Impact
HLS 372 - Interest Integration
HLS 382 - Strategic Planning and Budgeting
HLS 406 - Character and the Ethics of Leadership
HLS 454 - The Intelligence Community
HLS 460 - Religion in the Modern World
HLS 464 - Building Resilient Communities

Optional - Minor Courses: Global Studies

HST 332 - Race and Ethnicity in American Culture
HST 335 - History and Culture of India
HST 335 - History of the Middle East
HST 364 - Modern Asia
HST 365 - Introduction to International Relations

Optional - Minor Courses: Business

BUS 302 - Economics for Social Issues
BUS 329 - Operations Management
BUS 331 - Global Business
BUS 370 - Managing Human Resources

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