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James Fickenscher

Teaching Fellow Department of Theology College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences
Office: Centennial Hall 207 Phone: 503-493-6423
M.Div. Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
B.S. University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

James Fickenscher recently finished the coursework for a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. He is excited to have the opportunity to serve as Teaching Fellow for the 2014-15 academic year within the Division of Theology. He will return to Concordia Seminary next summer to begin work on his dissertation. Before coming to Concordia, James taught introductory courses both on Biblical Greek and the New Testament at the seminary.

James is the son, grandson, nephew, and cousin of ordained pastors, as well as the husband, son, brother, nephew, and cousin of teachers. With a long family history of professional church workers, James completed a Master of Divinity in 2012 with the intent of serving as an ordained pastor in the LCMS. He eagerly awaits receiving a call into parish mininstry upon completion of his Ph.D.

Before entering Concordia Seminary in 2008, James’ first academic interest was in theoretical mathematics, with the intent of teaching math at a collegiate level. He is a Eugene McDermott Scholar at the University of Texas at Dallas and his honors thesis was in topology, studying 4-move invariance of the Figure Eight Knot. He was also able to serve as a supplementary instructor for Calculus I and II while completing his undergraduate degree, and spent time abroad at La Universidad de Guanajuato in Guanajuato, Mexico and Beijing Foreign Studies University in Beijing, China.

Current research and teaching interests for James include Biblical Greek, Greek linguistics, linguistics and theology of the Pauline corpus, hermeneutical theory, Christology of the Greek Scriptures, and literary analysis of the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures.

Outside the classroom, James’ greatest joys are his wife, Rachel, and daughter, Ella. He also enjoys conversation with friends, new or old, over coffee or a good beer, learning from and experiencing different cultures, a good story (via books, games, movies, et al), as well as Tex-Mex (or any spicy food) and referring to his home state of Texas as the “Promised Land.”