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Honor a Loved One and Support Concordia

Memorial and tribute gifts are a meaningful way to recognize special occasions and special people. Whether a joyous event or in memory of a loved one, this is an opportune way to express gratitude towards someone who has had a significant impact on your life, while, in turn, making an investment in the life of a Concordia student.

A tribute gift is often given to honor a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or notable achievement.

How to Make a Tribute or Memorial Gift

Memorial and tribute gifts, like all donations given to Concordia University, can be made online, by mail, or over the phone. Please include your name and address, as well as the name and address of the person(s) in whose name you are making the gift.  The amount of the gift will be kept confidential. Thank you for your support of our mission and our students, as together, we prepare leaders for the transformation of society.

For more information on a tribute or memorial gift, please contact the Concordia University Foundation at 503-280-8505 or send us an email: