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Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts Help Multiply Your Donations

Your support of Concordia University plays a significant role in our continued success. Did you know that you might be able to increase the impact of your support and make your donation go even farther? Your gift to Concordia may be eligible for a match – potentially doubling or tripling the impact of your contribution

Employer Matching Benefits

If you work for an employer who participates in matching gift benefits, please ask your human resources department for more information about having your gifts to Concordia University matched. To find out if your employer participates in matching gifts, simply ask the human resources department, or, in the case of smaller employers, whoever handles your payroll. We appreciate you taking the time to multiply your support to Concordia!

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

We would like to extend our gratitude to the many alumni, parents, and friends who chose to match their gifts over the years through Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. In 2010, Thrivent launched its new giving program called “Choice Dollars.” If you are a Thrivent benefit member, you have the chance to direct which charitable organizations receive financial support from Thrivent. Eligibility for Choice Dollars, and the dollar amount available for designation to the organization of your choice, is based on a benefit member’s insurance premiums, account value, and volunteer leadership.

To designate your Choice Dollars to Concordia University-Portland, call 1-800-847-4836 or visit their website.

We hope you will consider setting up recurring direction to automatically designate your Choice Dollars to Concordia each year. To designate where your Choice Dollars go at Concordia, please contact the Concordia University Foundation at 503-280-8505 or send us an email.