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Student Service Corps

The Mission

Concordia University Student Service Corps are a mentorship series designed to promote meaningful relationships between university students and under-privileged urban youth through five different corps programs. The Student Service Corps are designed specifically to help provide solutions to previously defined issues in the northeast-Portland public school system such as low graduation rate, low testing results, high gang prevalence, and lack of positive role models.

The Vision

The goal of the Student Service Corps is to encourage scholastic success through positive relationships and development of life skills to enable young students to succeed in the classroom and beyond. These life skills include: create positive relationships, increase confidence, and work well with a team.

  • Concordia Teacher Corps is an academic tutoring program focused on supporting PreK-12 students in subjects identified by their teachers, supporting all learners, setting academic goals, and encouraging positive behavior in and out of school. CTC has served thousands of area youth in need of tutoring services since its inception in 2006. Each year, more than 90 Concordia University students from all areas of study are selected to tutor our community's neediest youth. CTC continues see significant results and a positive impact on eliminating educational inequality in partnership with community members. Learn more

  • Health Corps will focus on teaching students about physical, mental, emotional, and dental health. Students will learn how to eat well, how the body works, how to talk about their emotions, and how to deal with stress.

  • Green Corps is the environmental corps designed to allow students to discover green living and sustainability. Students will learn how to create a community garden, how to conserve energy, what the effect of global warming is, and how to recycle.

  • Performing Arts Corps will focus most heavily on theater but may also incorporate art and music. Students will produce a play each semester that can be performed at the end of the semester closing celebration.

  • Athlete Corps is a sports and physical fitness program. Students will learn about good sportsmanship and teamwork through playing traditional sports as well as simple playground games. Additionally, tournaments may be held each semester to encourage friendly competition.