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Chapel is held at the Fine Arts Building weekdays from 10:30 to 10:50 am. These devotions are lead by the campus pastor, faculty, staff and students. No classes are held at this time and all campus offices are closed. A variety of music and formats are used.


Wednesdays at 9:30 pm, students lead a time of praise, prayer and fellowship at the Fine Arts Building. This is a great place to meet students and praise the Lord in a relaxed atmosphere.

Small Group Bible Studies

Trained students lead small group Bible studies that are held at various times and locations throughout the week. Every group includes Bible study to strengthen participants’ relationship with God and fellowship to strengthen their relationship with each other. Some groups also include service opportunities.


Informal worship and Bible study, guest speakers and lots of food and fun at off campus retreat centers and camps create an excellent environment for students to relax while growing closer to the Lord and each other.

Mission Trips

Concordia University offers opportunities for students to participate in Christian mission trips. Recent experiences have included short-term trips to Slovakia in Central Europe and Guinea in West Africa. Typical projects, based upon the needs of the local ministries and their communities, include teaching English, helping with building projects, leading Vacation Bible School and other ministry outreach.

Student Leadership

Christian Life Ministries is fully integrated with the rest of student leadership on campus. The campus pastor mentors student coordinators and peer ministers, equipping them to develop and use leadership skills as they share God's love with others, and resident ministers, students who provide Christian care in residence halls. Students who are interested in serving as Christian Life Ministries leaders should contact the campus pastor for more information.