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Spiritual Life


Christian Life Ministries prepares student leaders in Jesus who grow deep, live well, and reach out!

Vision & Values

Concordia University's mission is "preparing leaders to transform society," – but to transform society, they must first be transformed leaders, transformed into the image of Christ!

Christian Life Ministries' carries out this mission by nurturing authentic relationships grounded in Christ, and equipping and mentoring student leaders. Authentic relationships are spelled out by the phrase, "grow deep, live well, and reach out!"

"Grow deep, live well, and reach out!" is modeled by student chaplains who shepherd their peers in small groups, retreats, servant events, intentional outreach, and worship.

CLM's student leaders also equip and mentor other students, reaching out 24/7 across the Concordia community in all areas of campus life (and beyond!), working with the Holy Spirit to transform students into servant-leaders - leaders who grow deep, live well, and reach out!

While students of all faiths are welcome at Concordia, Christian life is a priority and the university’s Christian Life Ministries program offers a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth, including:

  • Weekday chapel
  • Weekly student-led praise, prayer and fellowship
  • Bible studies
  • Retreats
  • Mission trips

All students are welcome to attend Christian Life Ministries events and activities.