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How Do I Submit My Service Hours?

Get Credit for Service

Service Learning Agreement
University Record of ASL Hours Form

Students who are participating in their CU service experience as a part of an Academic Service Learning (ASL) course component must complete and submit two forms directly to their course instructor:

  1. Service Learning Agreement – All students must select one or more organizations with which to complete their service hours. Once a plan for completing service hours has been chosen, please complete the Service Learning Agreement and submit it directly to the course instructor. Refer to course syllabus for specific due date.
  2. University Record of ASL Hours Form – As hours are completed during the semester, each student must fill out this document, including original signatures from both the student's service site supervisor or OSL Staff to be considered complete. All ASL Hour Forms should be submitted to the Office of Service Leadership.  The Office of Service Leadership wil share a full report of completed hours with ASL Course Instructors.