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Find a Service Opportunity

The Office of Service Leadership provides multiple resources to support students in connecting to Service Opportunities in the Portland Metro area.  These resources are specifically designed to assist students who are enrolled in Service Learning courses; however, we are always more than happy to support students who are just excited about getting engaged with service as well outside of course curriculum!

Service Learning Advisor Program
The Service Learning Advisor Program is a network of Concordia students who are trained and equipped to support their peers in connecting to service opportunities to meet their academic needs, passions, and schedule.  Service Learning Peer Advisors will provide this support through a variety of resources, including:

  1. Resource Email: Each semester an email will be sent out to all students to share about on-going service opportunities within the Office of Service Leadership as well as resources that are available to help students plan to successfully complete their academic service learning hours.
  2. Service Consultations: During a Service Consultation, Service Learning Peer Advisors will provide one-on-one support for students to ask questions, hear about available options, and develop a plan for successfully completing service hours.  There are two ways that students can access a service consultation:
    1. Drop-In Hours: Each week there will be designated hours for students to drop-in to the office for a Service Consultation.  During these times, Service Learning Peer Advisors will be available to help students on a first-come-first-serve basis.  The Spring Term Drop-In Hours are as follows:
      1. Monday: 3:30pm - 5:00pm
      2. Tuesday: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
      3. Wednesday: 11am - 1pm
      4. Thursday: 12pm - 2pm
    2. Appointment: If a student is unavailable during the designated drop-in hours, there is  availability for students to schedule an appointment with the Service Learning Advisor Program Coordinator.  The program coordinator can be contact by email at : or by phone at: 503.493.6521.
  3.  Service Learning Advising Line: If students would like to ask a question, but do not need a full service consultation, they can contact the Service Learning Advising Line at 503.493.6521.  A member of the Service Learning Peer Mentoring team will respond within 48-hours if not able to answer at the time of the call.
  4. Service Learning Email: If students would like to ask a question, but do not need a full service consultation, they can contact the Service Learning Advisor Program email at  A member of the Service Learning Advisor team will respond within 48-hours.


Community Partner Database

In addition to the Service Learning Advisory Program, we maintain a Community Partner Database that serves as a direct resource for students who would like to set-up their own service opportunities.  The database allow students to search for opportunities by location, service type, and length of time commitment. Each Community Partner within our database has specifically identified that they would like to work with Concordia students!