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Tutor Testimonials


"An hour and a half, once a week, can bring so much joy and change to someone's heart: mine. Although I will remain in the nursing program, I realized that I love serving. I love being able to teach a little girl a skill that is the building block for success in life."


"During my second semester of my freshman year at Concordia I was able to encounter an amazing life changing experience... I am so grateful I had this opportunity to influence someone. I learned awesome skills and also learned more about who I am and can grow to be."


"Teacher Corps is so beneficial in preparing me for the classroom as a future teacher, but it also prepares me for building professional and personal relationships with people who one day might be a valuable resource for me."


"Teacher Corps brings an experience to college students and the students being tutored that will create relationships and memories."


"I cannot say enough on how I have enjoyed this experience. Making an impact on a child's life is worth more than words can describe."


"Being a tutor has also made me feel good about myself because I'm helping someone become a better reader and a better student."


"CTC has helped me realize that there are bigger things in life than the test I have next week or when my next bill is due. I have gained a lot of patience and understanding. I have really learned to understand the different lifestyles and background of others."