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Program Facts

Throughout its inception in 2006, Concordia Teacher Corps continues to grow and expand - both with the number of CTC Tutors, as well as the number of Pre K - 12th grade students who receive service.

  • 2009:
    • Fall Semester 2009 - 60 CTC Tutors served
    • Fall Semester 2009 - 550 K - 12th Grade Students were provided with tutorial services (*)
    • Fall Semester 2009 - Over 1200 hours of volunteer service were contributed
  • 2010:
    • Fall Semester 2010 - 90 CTC Tutors served
    • Fall Semester 2010 - 838 Pre K - 12th Grade Students were provided with tutorial services (*)
    • Fall Semester 2010 - Over 1240 hours of volunteer service were contributed
  • 2011:
    • Spring Semester 2011 - 12 CTC Reading Coaches supported 13 Readers. All 13 Students improved on their reading assessments at the end of the semester.

* Please note: Some of the Pre K - 12th Grade Students might be counted more than once in this category if they were served by more than one CTC Tutor.

Ongoing and positive feedback is received from site directors, parents, and teachers about increased student success and confidence as a result of the Concordia Teacher Corps program.

From our Partnering Teachers:

"...showed progress in using strategies to attack words."
" thinking about the meaning of text and going back to reread when necessary."
"...has more confidence and is more willing to read out loud in front of the class. She puts her hand up to answer questions."
".. [his] reading skills and confidence have shown improvement. His self-esteem has improved as well. This improved self-esteem has been demonstrated in his increased classroom participation."
"...has struggled with reading this year. The time spent with his reading coach has contributed to a renewed effort and improving self-esteem."
"Having a positive role model providing support with reading on a regular basis has provided... with the extra support needed to make progress toward meeting benchmark goals."
"All of the participants have benefited from the one-on-one relationships with their coaches. For some, the books they received may be the only books in their homes. What a positive way to encourage lifelong readers!"
"They are all showing more confidence and have made gains in decoding and comprehension. They have also gained in fluency."

From our Partnering Parents - Comments About How Tutoring Impacted Their Children:

"My child reads every night for at least 20 minutes."
"We read 30 minutes every night."
"My daughter's homework is easier for her."
"We read books and my child has learned more."
"My daughter reads at home aloud and quietly and reads more challenging books."
"I noticed improvement in her reading. She came out of her shell and reads aloud more."

Future Goals

The progress that CTC continues to make is tremendous. It signals both the great need of our community and the great promise of the future. With the total impact for this year yet unknown, what is sure is that the goals of Concordia Teacher Corps for the coming year and overall are obtainable and have great meaning to the program and value to all involved.

Concordia University takes pride in our students and the children supported by Concordia Teacher Corps. One of our goals is to invite our CU off-site students to participate in this program and to serve Pre K - 12th grade students in their very own communities. When this plan is implemented, CTC involvement will more accurately reflect our true CU community.