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  • If you are currently a CU student and take classes on the Portland campus, or if you are CU faculty or staff,please click here.
  • If you are currently a CU student or alum and do not take classes on the Portland campus, please click here.

Concordia University students who are interested in applying for service in Concordia Teacher Corps contact the CTC Director and complete an application process. CTC gratefully acknowledges the Oregon Mentors team, Oregon Campus Compact, and the Oregon State Police for the training and background checks that they provide. CTC Tutors receive supportive mentorship preparation to assist them in being culturally and academically equipped to provide their very best mentoring skills.

Application processes for CTC are available to all of our CU students, faculty, or staff: our Portland campus students, our on-line students from all over, and even our Alumni. Please review the Application Links and choose the process that is most relevant for you.

If you have questions about the Application Process, please contact the Concordia Teacher Corps Director: Lynn Keyne-Michaels, Ed. D., 503-493-6414 , or you can email