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ASCU Student Fee

Voted on and approved by the student body in 2002, an ASCU fee now supports many student-initiated endeavors. For example, elected officers of ASCU may serve the students by implementing changes that the student body would like to see done. This includes such things as improvements to the student facilities, sponsoring and improving student campus publications like The Promethean, providing activities for all student populations. The ASCU also works behind the scenes serving on University academic committees and works to improve campus life in general.


A student staff facilitate campus intramurals, a weekly recreation program for the general student body.

ASCU Offices

We now have an office for increased productivity so that we may better serve you! We are located in the Hagen Student Center room.

Commuter Lounge

Better furniture and new carpet has been purchased and are now in place for your lounging needs! An excellent place to hang out between classes, do homework, listen to the radio, or even catch five. Look for more improvements in the future!

Allocation of Money to Clubs

ASCU can provide funding to clubs with initiative! If you have a solid idea for a club and officers, see ASCU for the appropiate paperwork to get funding for your group.