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Campus Life

The Concordia campus hums with life. Take in movies, go to dances, enjoy live music or just kick back. Take part in residence hall tournaments and intramural sports. Attend community seminars about timely topics. Get involved in campus service projects or any number of other volunteer opportunities.

Or go out and play and experience college life in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Surrounding the Concordia University campus is a city brimming with opportunities. Portland offers sporting events, museums, concerts, festivals and more. Regional outdoor activities range from mountain slopes to ocean shores, with lakes, rivers and hiking trails in-between.

As a Christian university, Concordia offers small group Bible studies, weekday campus worship services, weekly student-led praise, prayer and fellowship, retreats, mission trips and more.

Our student services department is full of wise and fun people who will help you get the most out of your Concordia experience.