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Alumni Resources

What Can We Do For You?

Need a copy of your official transcript? Looking for career advice? Maybe you need a replacement diploma? Or are ready to take advantage of our 20% tuition grant on graduate education exclusively for Concordia University-Portland alums? We’re here to help.


To order an official transcript, follow the instructions per our Registrar's office.


If you have lost or misplaced your original diploma, you can order a replacement online.

Tuition Grant

Concordia University-Portland alumni now qualify for a special Concordia Alumni Grant equal to 20% off tuition on most graduate programs. This grant applies exclusively to programs offered on campus or online by Concordia University-Portland, including Master in Education, Master in Teaching, Master of Business Administration, and Doctorate of Education. This grant is available to alumni graduating from any of the 10 Concordia University campuses in the U.S. who attend Concordia University-Portland.

For more information, call 503-280-8501 or email