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Nursing Pre-Requisites

Pre-Requisites that Fulfill General Education Requirements

For a listing of the General Education and BSN Pre-requisite courses, please see below. Each number in parenthesis represents semester credit hours and each course number is from Concordia's course catalog.

Transfer Guides for local-area Colleges and Universities can be found to the right. Each transfer guide lists Concordia's requirements and the corresponding class at each school. In addition, we strongly encourage all potential applicants to attend an Information Session to go over the details of BSN application process, explain the prioritization of students, as well as an open Q&A session.

General Education Requirements

Communications (6)

One year of College writing (including WR 121 and 122)

Humanities (6); Literature, Wester/World Civ, Non-US History, Art/Music History
Math (3): College Algebra
Natural Sciences (7)

BIO 211 – General Biology (4)
CHM 101 – Chemistry for Life (3)

Physical Education (2)
Social Science (5-6)

PSY 201 – Principles of Psychology (3)
Cross-Cultural Course (i.e. Cult Anthro, Georgraphy of the World, etc.))

Nursing Pre-Requisites

BIO 364 – Anatomy (4)
BIO 365 – Physiology (4)
CHM 102 – Biochemistry (3)
NOTE: Requires year-long Chemistry sequence
BIO 284 – Microbiology (3)
PSY 321 – Human Growth & Dev (3)
MTH 331 – Research & Statistics (3)
HPE 462 – Nutrition (3)