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Is Concordia Your Future Home Away from Home?

Selecting the right college or university is one of the most important decisions in your life. According to a variety of popular “how to” books on the subject, finding the right fit can mean throwing out common judgments and starting fresh. Instead of choosing a school because it’s an Ivy League school or your parents alma mater, choose a school based on what matters to you.

Do you like the hustle and bustle of living in a city? Or is the peace and quiet of a rural setting more your thing? Are you more at home at a large or small school?

Nothing gives you the feel and vibe of a campus like an actual visit. As luck would have it, we offer a variety of ways to visit campus. If you are interested in transferring to Concordia, we invite you to tour campus, meet current students and faculty and discover if Concordia is your future home away from home.  If you're thinking about transferring your credits and finishing your degree at Concordia, this is the perfect opportunity for you to stop by, speak with Admission Counselors and find out how to take the next step in your academic career.

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