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Cancer Survivor Organizes CU Bone Marrow Registry Drive

For Concordia sophomore Jeremy Schmidt, the reasons behind creating a bone marrow registry drive are personal.

“In December of 2012, right after I finished up my first semester at Concordia, I got really sick. During some tests, it was discovered that I had a mass surrounding my colon. Biopsies from the mass showed that the cells were cancerous. The bad news is that I was forced to withdraw from school in order to undergo an intensive chemotherapy transfer. The good news is that on April 1, 2013, I was declared in remission and I can happily say that I have been cancer-free ever since!”

During the time Jeremy was being treated with chemo, he was unable to attend school at Concordia. “ Being a very academically-driven individual, I decided to enroll in some online classes at a local community college, which also qualified me for a scholarship awarded to cancer patients pursing their education during treatment. Through this scholarship, I learned how I could organize a bone marrow registry drive on my school’s campus. Now that I am back at Concordia, I am partnering with the organization Delete Blood Cancer, as well as Concordia’s ASCU, for this event.”

Bone Marrow Registry Drive at Concordia University

  • Tuesday, March 18th
  • 11 am to 5 pm
  • SEAC

The goal is to register Concordia students to be part of the national bone marrow registry. It’s fast, easy, and completely painless! Simply provide some general information and receive a cheek swab. That’s it! Regardless of medical history or health concerns, stop by and see if you qualify to become a registered donor.

“I know the thought of being a bone marrow donor seems daunting, but the reward far outweighs the risk. By registering for the national registry, you can have the potential to save someone’s life. You really CAN make a difference!”

For more information on bone marrow registration or the upcoming Concordia drive, email Jeremy at