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Freshman Application Process

The Freshman Advantage

Beginning your freshman year at Concordia, you will have an opportunity to counsel with advisors and meet professors. The Concordia University chemistry and biology courses are an especially strong foundation for you to understand health, disease, and treatment. As a Concordia student, you will be able to live on campus and participate in campus activities like music, sports, and student government. Furthermore, Freshman BSN program students who meet the program expectations will continue directly into the BSN cohort beginning their junior year. In a time when hundreds of people apply for a few spaces in nursing schools, this is a huge benefit.

Application Priority

All Freshmen Pre-Nursing applications will be reviewed on the below priority deadline dates. December 1st applications will be given first priority, February 1st applications second priority and third priority will be given to applications received by March 1st. Acceptance into the Freshmen Pre-Nursing program is determined by the capacity for the Fall semester.

Fall Semester Priority BSN Deadlines
1st Priority Deadline: December 1
2nd Priority Deadline: February 1
3rd Priority Deadline: March 1

All applications received after April 1st will be reviewed on a rolling admissions basis. Acceptance into the Freshmen Pre-Nursing program is determined by the capacity for the Fall semester.

Ready to Apply? Please submit the following:

  1. You may apply online for free or you may download the print application and submit it with your $40 application fee (online application is free). On your application, indicate "Nursing" as your area of study.
  2. Request official transcripts of academic coursework completed to date. All final transcripts are required upon graduation.
  3. Submit ether SAT-I or ACT scores. The college code numbers for the tests are: SAT 4079; ACT 3458.
  4. Request two letters of recommendation from two different sources to be submitted to CU on your behalf (preferably from a science or math teacher that can attest to your qualifications as a strong candidate for our Nursing program). Concordia University will accept your recommendation on the downloadable recommendation form or as a personal letter.
  5. Submit a one page, typed essay on "Why I want to become a Nurse."

Once you have gathered the above materials, send to:

Office of Admission
Concordia University
2811 NE Holman Street
Portland, OR 97211

Questions? Please contact your admission counselor for more information.

*Freshman students are high school graduates and college transfer students with fewer than 12 semester hours or 18 quarter hours of transferable credits.