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Nursing Students

Due to the high demand for positions in the nursing program, the nursing admission process is different from traditional freshmen or transfer students.

Please download the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Portfolio and Application Instructions. Questions? Please contact your admission counselor for more information.

Two ways to enter the nursing program

  1. Freshman Advantage:
    Students with less than 12 semester credits or 18 quarter credits should follow the freshman application process and expect to meet specific benchmarks during their freshmen and sophomore years.
  2. Transfer:
    Students with more than 12 semester credits or 18 quarter credits should follow the transfer application process

    Sophomore transfer students take pre-requisite courses and must be enrolled at Concordia University for at least two semesters immediately prior to the BSN cohort June start. Sophomore transfer students must also take at least 24 credits (including one full-year sequence of required science) at Concordia. 

    Junior transfer students have completed or are in the process of completing ALL pre-requisite nursing classes and general education courses.

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