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Honors Program

The Honors Program at Concordia University is designed for academically gifted undergraduate students who want to be challenged to their highest ability, and work with others who share the love of learning.

The program consists of a series of courses offered each semester. Students admitted to the Concordia Honors Program take an average of seven to eight hours in special Honors courses each year. Most of the courses in the Honors Program also fulfill the general education requirements of all baccalaureate-level programs.

Each of the honors courses is limited to 25 students to ensure close contact with the professor. All students in the Honors Program are selected based on a variety of criteria including prior academic achievement, evidence of critical thinking skills, and perceived ability to contribute to Concordia University’s mission statement.

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The Honors Scholarship

Qualifying freshmen admitted to the Honors Program receive an academic scholarship equal to half of their tuition per academic year. Eligibility for renewal of the Honors Scholarship depends on maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.25, full-time status as a Concordia University student, making normal progress towards graduation in 4 years with 24 credits of Honors classes, and completion of the Honors Capstone Seminar during the senior year.

How to Apply to the Honors Program

Submit your 500-word essay online

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Honors Program Handbook


Dr. Michael Thomas
Program Director


Office of Admission


Honors Program Admission Criteria

Admission is competitive to the honors program. In order to be considered for admission to the honors program:

  1. Be admitted to Concordia University as a full-time student leading to a BA degree. You can apply online.
  2. Have a minimum high school GPA of 3.65 on a 4.00 scale.
  3. Achieve a combined SAT score of 1725 or ACT composite score of 26.

Required Honors Application Materials

To apply to the honors program, please submit the following items:

  1. A copy of your high school (and college, if applicable) transcripts.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from teachers who have had you as a student in class. You only need to submit one letter if the recommendation you submitted for your undergraduate application to CU was written by a teacher.
  3. A 500-word essay describing the academic, social and spiritual qualities of your ideal university. Consider the following questions as you write your essay (though you should not answer each of these questions in a mechanical manner): What does your ideal university “look like” and “feel like”? What is its purpose? What is the role of teachers? Of students? Of the wider community? What is YOUR role? The Admissions Committee is looking for substance and creativity in your responses. This essay is a way to let the Admissions Committee know “who you are.” This theme should be word-processed and double-spaced.

Once all of the above items are received, students will be notified of their status by their Admission Counselor.

For more information, or to ask a question, contact Dr. Michael Thomas, Honors Program Director, by email or by phone 503-493-6429.