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Essay Topics


Nursing students are required to submit a one-page essay on “Why I want to become a nurse.”


Honors students are required to submit a 500-word essay describing their ideal university. Please see our Honors Essay page for details.


Choose ONE of the three topics below, using the bullet points as suggested questions to answer in your essay, and submit it with your application for review.

About You

Please tell us about yourself. You may consider the following as ideas for your essay: describing how you have overcome a challenging situation, describing your leadership ability and how you can implement those abilities at Concordia University.

Why Us?

Please describe why you want to attend Concordia University. You may consider the following as you write your essay: How do you fit into CU's legacy? What are your reasons for applying to a private, Christian University? How will you use your education at CU to pursue your dreams?

Creative Question

  • In your personal experiences, please respond to a local, national, or international issue that has prompted you to action.
  • What is a current problem you see in your generation today? How will you break beyond the norm?
  • If you were President of The United States for one day what is the one bill you would pass?
  • Please respond to the statement by Aristotle - "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

You can submit the essay with your application, mail it to Concordia, or email it to