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The homework is over. The writing assignment is a wrap. Final's week is done with a capital D. Congratulations, soon-to-be graduate, you’ve made it. Before you get the diploma, make sure you first “apply for graduation” using the link to the left. That’s where you’ll also find a complete schedule of this year’s events, as well as visitor information for any guests you might have. How long is the ceremony? When do I get my cap and gown? What if it rains? Answers to those and other commencement-related questions can be found in the FAQ section. Again, congratulations on becoming a member of Concordia University’s most recent graduating class!

In 1905, Concordia was founded as a four-year Lutheran academy to meet the needs for area pastors and parochial school teachers. Four years later, in 1909, Concordia’s first class graduated.