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Academic Calendar

Detail View

To view a detailed list of dates from the Academic Calendar select from the list of calendars below. 


  • The Academic Calendar is subject to change at any time by official action of Concordia University.
  • On-Campus undergraduate courses that begin on or before 5:00 P.M. do not have class sessions on the first Monday of each term. This allows full participation in beginning of term activities on campus. Graduate & cross-listed courses are not impacted by this rule.

Calendar View

Dates from the Academic Calendar have been entered into the Trumba calendar below. Additional information about Trumba calendar features can be found at the bottom of this screen.

Trumba Features

  • To create a printable version of this calendar click on the PRINT link.
  • To be notified about changes to the academic calendar automatically click on the SUBSCRIBE link.
  • To add events to your personal calendar (Outlook, Google, etc...) click on the event of interest and click on the Add to My Calendar link.
  • To forward an event to a friend select Forward to Friends from the Other Event Actions drop-down menu.
  • To get an email reminder of an event, click on the event of interest and click on the Remind Me By Email link
  • To get a text reminder of an event,  click on the event of interest and select Remind Me By Text from the Other Event Actions drop-down menu.

Note: Feel free to visit the Trumba Help website if additional guidance is needed.