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Online Learning

Web-Based Learning Experiences Through Concordia

We pursue online learning with the same passion and commitment to excellence that has marked our 100-year history in quality Christian education.

CU Online courses are rich in learner-to-learner and instructor-to-learner interactivity. We balance our courses between offering learners maximized flexibility in terms of coursework completion and the rigor that characterizes a quality (and often condensed) academic experience.

Online courses are not necessarily easier or less time-consuming than are face-to-face courses. Online students form a diverse learning community that requires regular “attendance” and nurturing to maximize the learning potential of all participants. If you are looking for a correspondence course, where you can work in isolation outside of a structured schedule, CU Online courses are not for you. If, however, you are seeking a stimulating – sometimes challenging – environment of motivated learners who flexibly work together to achieve their learning objectives, you have come to the right place!

If you have registered or are planning to register for an online course:

Visit the online student services page to get your Network Account (you will need this to begin class) and find out about services available to students accessing Concordia from a distance. Your computer must meet the Computing Standards necessary for the successful completion of an online course.

For more information about our online course offerings, please visit our Online Learning website.