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Off-Campus Access

Concordia University Libraries

Concordia University - Portland has several educational programs for non-residential students who come to campus only for short periods of time, if at all, to receive instruction and/or complete coursework. These students include those enrolled in the MAT, MEd, and MBA programs. The services of the Concordia University Libraries outlined here are intended to support the research requirements of these programs.

Telephone & Email Reference Service

Telephone and email reference services are available during normal business hours (generally 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Pacific Time). Call the University Libraries' main telephone number (503.280.8507) and you will be transferred to an available librarian to assist with your research request. If the librarian is not available immediately, you may leave a voicemail message.

You may also submit your research request or general question to the library here. You should receive a response in about 24 hours on weekdays. When you ask your question, please provide a realistic deadline for your information need. The librarians will make all reasonable attempts to meet your timeline.

Remote Database Access

The Concordia University Libraries provides remote access to its research databases through the University's private Intranet. When you attempt to access the Libraries' databases from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your Concordia ID and password. Questions about your Concordia ID and/or password should be directed to the Help Desk (503.493.6591 or ).

Material Request forms

To request a book that is included in the online catalog, look up the book and then use the "REQUEST" link at the top of the page, and follow the instructions. You will be asked for the barcode number on your student ID. If you do not have a student ID, contact the Help Desk (503.493.6591 or   ). Be sure to indicate whether you will be picking the book up at the library or want to have it sent to you. Use the "comments field" to indicate any special instructions.

You can request books that are not in the online catalog by using one of the following online request forms:

Journal Articles

Mailing and faxing of materials

At your request, materials will be shipped to an address you designate (home or office, for example). The Library will cover the cost of shipping the materials to you; you must cover the cost of return shipping.

To return materials to the library, you may deliver them in person or ship them. Materials to be shipped should be appropriately packaged to ensure safe return to the University and shipped by a trackable delivery source (e.g., UPS). Liability for the materials is assumed by you when the material leaves campus. All due dates for return of materials, as outlined in the Circulation Policy, apply to materials shipped to you through this service.

Materials from the current and bound periodicals collection, the reference collection, the Curriculum Lab, the map collection, and materials housed in the Science Library may not be shipped off campus.

Copies of documents of reasonable length (generally under 15 pages) will be faxed to a number you specify. The Library will cover the cost of the telephone call. Documents longer than this will be mailed to you with the Library covering the mailing cost.