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Honors Program

Immersion Into the Human Experience

Concordia’s honors program challenges students to raise the bar well above the traditional college experience. Students will be part of a small, elite group of leaders who participate in intensive, discussion-based classes. Students are encouraged to take part in extensive community service programs and experience local arts, science, and cultural events. Short- and long-term study abroad is highly recommended. The result: Honors students who take on leadership roles across campus become graduates who are exceptionally well-rounded and well-prepared for their next step.

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The Honors Scholarship

Qualifying freshmen admitted to the Honors Program receive an academic scholarship equal to half of their tuition per academic year. Eligibility for renewal of the Honors Scholarship depends on maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.25, full-time status as a Concordia University student, making normal progress towards graduation in 4 years with 24 credits of Honors classes, and completion of the Honors Capstone Seminar during the senior year.

Sit in on an Honors Class

Why Concordia?

High academic standards, coupled with extensive community engagement – including service projects, cultural events, travel, and more – help students develop a well-rounded and rigorous educational portfolio. Because professors take time to know their students personally, they are in a strong position to help graduates reach their goals.

Fast Facts

  • Qualifying freshmen admitted to the honors program receive an academic scholarship equal to half of their tuition per academic year
  • Well-connected faculty help students to secure critical work experience prior to graduation
  • Students in the honors program who successfully complete a minimum of 24 semester hours of honors courses with a 3.25 cumulative GPA will have their official transcript annotated to reflect their achievement as an “honors program graduate”


Dr. Michael Thomas
Program Director