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Minor Concentrations


Concordia's accounting concentration covers fundamentals for private industry, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and public accounting firms. The in-depth internship program connects you to Portland area CPAs and other accounting professionals for practical on-the-job experience.An undergraduate business administration degree with an emphasis in accounting can lead to a career that is both personally and financially rewarding. Concordia's accounting graduates have pursued careers in consulting, accounting, attestation engagements, taxation, financial planning, and litigation support.

Through the program, you will also have the opportunity to meet recruiters from Portland CPA firms and other organizations at Concordia's "Meet the Firms" night.

With a Concordia undergraduate accounting degree, you will have the tools, experience, and contacts to build a successful future.


Financial Systems: Learn about financial systems, how those systems operate in macro and micro environments.We can connect you to one of the finest finance programs in the country. What is finance? Basically, it is the art and science of managing money. You’ll learn what it takes to make important decisions on how to invest a company’s resources, how to create a complete financial picture of a company using quantitative tools, what it means to be a financial manager and how to take that knowledge into the workplace. Whether or not you ultimately go into finance professionally, the knowledge gained through this curriculum will aid you in practical ways throughout your professional and personal life, making you a more valuable employee and a more savvy manager of your own finances. When you participate in our finance program, you will be exposed to the following:

  • Corporate Finance: Many of our customers elect to become financial managers of a corporation. This class is designed to look at different strategies needed to successfully manage the finances of a business operation.
  • Investments: Take control of you personal finances! We can show you how to plan ahead and develop sound investment strategies. The annual Concordia University Investment Challenge (sponsored by Solomon Smith Barney) allows you to put investment skills to the test.

Every company, from large corporations to small non profits, needs financial managers. Our program will prepare you to enter the workforce ready to meet the challenges of the financial world - no matter what kind of company you choose to work with. You will also be prepared to understand your personal finances and make wise choices for a healthy financial future. If financial management is the major that meets your bottom line, contact us today!


Perhaps you have a hot idea for a new business venture and would like to learn how to market your product on the Internet? Or maybe you would like to develop a foreign market for a domestic product? We can show you how to successfully market your product or venture by focusing on the essential elements of Marketing:

  • Consumer Behavior: How will consumer behavior impact purchasing decisions?
  • Market Research: Research will allow you to properly identify potential consumers.
  • Global Marketing: Learn to move beyond the borders of the US and take advantage of a huge global consumer base.
  • Innovation and Product Life Cycle
  • Marketing Strategy and Management

Why study marketing? In addition to being a creative and exciting aspect of the business world, Marketing is essential to the survival of any company. For the college graduate, that means a wide variety of companies will need your expertise as a Marketing Specialist. In your professional endeavors, you will be able to craft a marketing strategy for a given company by selecting a target market and appropriate marketing mix. The marketing mix focuses on Product, Price, Place and Promotion (all controllable variables). Learn to execute a well-designed marketing plan and help a business venture grow exponentially!

Get Connected to Marketing and let us give you the skills to become a sought after Marketing Manager or Director! Our marketing classes are in demand, so contact us today to reserve your place!

Sports Management

The new sports management minor will provide students with the knowledge and experience to turn their passion for sports into a successful career. Courses include principles of sports management; sports financing and sponsorship; sports marketing; and legal issues in sports management.

Blend Your Passion for Sports with Business

The new courses are taught by experts in the field, with experience in both the business sector and in academia. For example, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, president of Sports Management Worldwide, led the design and implementation of the Principles of Sports Management course. Lashbrook is no stranger to collegiate and professional sports. He previously served as the athletic director for the University of Missouri, managed NFL player contracts, and established the first ever online sports management company to educate future sports executives.

What is the Field of Sports Management?

T. H Sawyer in his article, Sport Management: Where Should it be Housed? explains that sport management degree programs in higher education represent a variety of sports-related settings including: recreational and sports facilities; hotels and resorts; public and private aquatic, golf, and/or racquet clubs; health and fitness programming found in corporations, hospitals, private agencies and clubs, and public settings; merchandising; youth, interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional sports; community recreation; collegiate recreational sports; armed services recreational sports; and nonprofit youth agency recreation and sports programs. Furthermore, sport management curricula are flexible enough to meet the demands of student career considerations in such areas as sports leisure and recreation, sports and athletics, sporting goods, hostelries and travel, nonprofit agencies, and health and fitness management.