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The Art and Science of Selling

Marketing is a fascinating, broad-based, and rapidly evolving discipline, encompassing everything from strategic analysis to how to create, deliver, and sell a product or service. Concordia’s program prides itself on international focus, deep faculty industry experience, and a culture that encourages strong faculty/student ties. In addition, students have extensive contact with business leaders through local and international internships, field trips, and career mentoring through faculty. Marketing students can also opt for a specialized minor in accounting, entrepreneurship, environmental management , finance, international management, and sports management.

Why Concordia?

Whether your passion is to work for a big corporation or start your own business, Concordia can help. Courses such as consumer behavior, global marketing, innovation and product life cycle, and marketing research give you the background you need to succeed. And our faculty has outstanding industry contacts throughout the Portland area – in sports apparel, accounting, natural resources, high technology, and many more industries.

Fast Facts

  • A marketing degree gives you the knowledge and skills to work in nearly any business field
  • Since we live in a global economy, Concordia’s marketing courses have a strong international focus, allowing you to be an asset for companies world-wide
  • Through site visits, internships, and networking, Concordia’s marketing professors provide you with direct contact to a wide array of potential employers

“My goal is to ensure that any employer seeing the name ‘Concordia’ on a resume will immediately think in terms of strong, rigorous, and professionally relevant education, thus maximizing the employment opportunities granted to our graduates.”  – Candace Petersen, Dean, School of Management, Professor of Marketing and Management