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Master of Business Administration

Developing Talent: An MBA Program for Tomorrow’s Business Competencies

The business world of today is more complex, competitive, and fast-paced than ever before. What works today may not work tomorrow, so it is important not to get complacent and set in your ways. Succeeding in tomorrow’s global, technology-driven and ever-changing business environment will require talent, flexibility, and the ability to adapt and change according to market needs. In short, tomorrow’s marketplace will be about hiring and promotion of talent, based upon fit with organizational, market and industry needs.  And in 2015, this is the best job market for an MBA graduate in years.

This framework provides the basic DNA structure of the MBA program at Concordia University-Portland. Students learn the importance of being nimble and responsive to market forces that change from day to day. Team building and the ability to work together are emphasized, as teamwork brings a sense of humility. Gone are the days when you could do it all yourself. Being able to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and work productively with others who offer complimentary skills is vital in this ever complex and fast-paced global environment.

Anticipate and embrace the concept of change

Just as critical is the ability to transform yourself, and change your thinking and paradigms in order to stay relevant. So our teaching methods and our materials are designed to prepare students for the future of business management via the constant evolution of mind and thought. As a result, Concordia’s MBA not only equips students to be comfortable with change, it helps them anticipate and embrace it.

The MBA, Reinvented

Concordia’s MBA program prepares learners for fulfilling management careers in business, government, and non-profit sectors. The program places particular emphasis upon functions such as general management and international business and finance, as well as rapidly expanding fields such as healthcare and environmental management. An MBA from Concordia also stresses the critical importance of servant and ethical leadership, organizational change through constant innovation, global awareness, critical thinking, decision-making, financial modeling, and project management. Our mission statement of preparing leaders for the transformation of society is something we truly take to heart.

Upon program completion, students are ready to face the evolution of the global business world and constantly adapt to on-going change. They emerge as problem solvers, decision makers, innovators, and ethical and transformational leaders. That’s the Concordia MBA difference!

"Concordia allowed me to pursue my MBA goals without giving up the other things that tend to keep me busy. The Harvard Business School's case-study method of teaching employed by the Concordia MBA program made sessions invigorating, and some of my Concordia professors were the most engaged and passionate instructors I've known."
– Nicholas Arling

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(MBA Students receive a $4,000 Career Track Scholarship, an iPad or Dell laptop, and textbooks are included at no additional cost.  Contact our Admission Office to find out more information.)