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On-The-Job Experience Through Internships

Concordia University takes particular pride in ensuring that the education received by MBA and other students fosters skills, aptitudes and proficiencies needed and valued in the workplace. Based upon such a philosophy, the School of Management provides students with internship opportunities.

MBA internships offer students a unique opportunity to work within the corporate world in a graduate-level capacity. By completing an internship, students relate their academic experience to on-the-job work experience, supervised by the School of Management and a site advisor. In each of the five concentrations proposed in the Concordia MBA program, students may replace one proposed 3-credit elective course with a 3-credit internship.

Students bear primary responsibility to research, identify and conduct their internship. The internship opportunity must be endorsed by a sponsoring organization willing to provide both a meaningful work opportunity and a site sponsor. The internship opportunity must also be approved by the SOM, after discussion with the MBA advisor.

MBA Internship Requirements

  • Internship applicants should have completed a minimum of 5 core MBA courses and be in good academic standing (i.e., 3.0 or greater cumulative GPA).
  • Applicants should complete the Candidate Application Form 101 no later than three (3) weeks prior to the internship, meet with and get approval from Dr. Ann Widmer, the SOM’s Dean Emerita & MBA Internship Project Coordinator, and register for the MBA 599 - Internship course.
  • Upon internship completion, a final internship experience report will be submitted to Dr. Widmer who will grade it and decide whether the student successfully completed the assignment.