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Student Stories

Erika-photo.jpgCurrently, I am preparing to graduate from Hamline University School of Law, and then I will take the Washington State Bar Examination in July (2014). My career goal is to become criminal prosecutor and work with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. My Humanities degree from Concordia University - Portland helped to prepare me for law school and a career as an attorney in two ways. First, law school demands a great deal of research and concise, technical writing. The majority of humanities courses at Concordia require students to write analytical research essays. One of the most memorable classes I took at Concordia was History and Literature of the 1960's. For my final grade, I wrote a literary analysis of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. Not only did this require me to read and understand complicated literature, but I had to address American social conventions of the time.

My Humanities degree from Concordia also armed me with a strong social conscience. I did not become aware of how much Concordia's mission of service impacted me until I went to law school. Many of the law students I have encountered are solely concerned with securing a prestigious job and a large income, but I want to use my education to help the underprivileged and underrepresented. In one of my theology classes at Concordia, I volunteered at a men's homeless shelter and had the opportunity to work in the kitchen with some of the men. The experience was eye-opening -- I now look at homeless people, not with contempt, but with understanding. I believe that it is impossible to leave Concordia without a strong sense of social responsibility.

Erika Doremus '11