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Exploring Life and Science, Naturally

Whether identifying pathogens in the laboratory, dissecting a human cadaver, or studying biodiversity in a tropical rain forest, Concordia provides the type of hands-on experience that transforms students into professionals. Our bachelor’s degree program features one-on-one interaction with faculty members who are PhD scientists, as well as teachers who care about the success of each and every student. The academically rigorous program includes the opportunity for undergraduates to do scientific research, preparing students for further study at prestigious graduate schools or work in a variety of laboratory settings.

Why Concordia?

When it comes to laboratory research, Concordia puts you front and center right from the start. Our three new labs greatly enhance the ability of Concordia students and faculty to do pioneering research on campus, expanding the ability for student research in tissue culture, analytical chemistry, and biology. And a new $20,000 fluorescent microscope makes it possible to perform high-end biological research.

Fast Facts

  • Recent state-of-the-art laboratory renovations improved and expanded the analytical chemistry lab, cell culture lab, and the biology research lab
  • A biology degree is the perfect stepping stone for medical school, dental school, physician’s assistant school and other medical fields, as well as veterinary medicine
  • Career opportunities include physical therapy, biological research, environmental science, forestry, ecology, neuroscience, genetics, and more

“Working in the lab at Concordia allowed me to be ahead of many of my colleagues who didn’t have as many lab-based classes. I was well-prepared to accomplish a thesis in cancer research and work in a clinical lab, providing results that doctors use every day to make decisions about patient care.”  – Shalina Morris ‘09