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Elective Courses

PSY 561 Conflict Resolution & Mediation (3)
This course provides an introduction and overview of the field of mediation and conflict resolution, with a focus on both the nature of conflict and our understanding of what resolution seeks to achieve. Through small groups, simulated conflict situations, and examples from various community settings, students will learn how to assess common causes of conflict and its effect on individuals and communities. Students will also learn about different forms of dispute resolution, including recent research on forgiveness completed through the Stanford Forgiveness Project, and the primary models of mediation and the mediation process.


PSY 562 Social Psychology of Mental Health (3)
This course will introduce students to interdisciplinary perspectives on the role of culture in understanding human behavior and psychiatric diagnoses. Students will become familiar with different perspectives on culture and mental health, with the goal of refining students’ cultural competence in research and professional practice with diverse individuals and groups.

PSY 563 Health Psychology (3)
This class provides an overview of the field of health psychology, with an emphasis on how socio-cultural and economic factors influence health beliefs and health behaviors. Students will learn the history of health psychology, major theories in the field, and methods of applying health psychology knowledge to promoting health and preventing disease.


PSY 564 Social Policy & Advocacy (3)
This course will examine the role of social policy and advocacy in community psychology and public health. Students will explore the roles communities and nonprofits play in influencing the public policy process. This course will analyze the range of advocacy strategies available to communities and individuals, and will provide students with an opportunity to plan, implement, and evaluate an advocacy program.