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Scheduling Tips

PSY 288-488/251-451 is a departmental seminar with topics that change yearly. Here are a few recent examples of seminar course offerings: Building Resiliency within the School Community; Psychology of the Simpsons; Therapeutic Intervention for Children, Counseling across Cultures, Ethical Issues in Psychology, and the Psychology of Genius and Creativity.

Sophomore Year:
Try to finish the majority of General Education requirements by end of your sophomore year. Take the required: PSY 288 Understanding the PSY Major at the end of your sophomore year. Take PSY 231 Research & Statistics (Math 110 is the pre-requisite). For those students intending to study at the graduate level, PSY 231 MUST BE completed before beginning your junior year. Some options for Psychology classes in your sophomore year are: PSY 341, SOC 321, PSY 312, PSY 321.

During spring semester, information will be sent to eligible students for Admission to Major (45 credits at 2.5 GPA). Transfer students with 45+ credits are eligible after completing one semester at CU.

Junior Year:
Take WR 303, 304, 305, or 306. 
Complete a Graduation Application 2-3 semesters in advance.
Plan carefully for every other year courses (see below).
Thesis for those students intending to study at the graduate level, PSY 332, Research Methods with Lab, in the fall and PSY 492, Senior Thesis Prep, in spring

Senior Year:
REL 401 is the capstone REL class.
Internship for those students desiring experience working in the community, take PSY 391 Pre-Internship, in the fall.
Take PSY 491 Psychology Internship, in the spring. Dr. Jane Smith is the advisor.
Thesis for those students intending to study at the graduate level, PSY 493, Senior Thesis I, is taken fall and PSY 494, Senior Thesis II, is taken spring. Dr. Erin Mueller and Dr. Reed Mueller are the advisors.

Classes Only Offered Every Other Year:
PSY 343 Theories of Personality (alternating Spring semesters)
PSY 442 Brain and Behavior (alternating Spring semesters)
All other classes are offered every year, but many are offered only one semester, i.e., fall only or spring only (e.g., PSY 434 Abnormal Psychology is offered only in the Fall term).