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Music Scholarships

Concordia University offers music scholarships to any qualified student who wishes to be involved in the choral or instrumental music program without preference for their chosen major emphasis. Auditions are individually scheduled throughout the school year. If you are unable to travel to the university for an audition due to distance restraints, you may choose to audition in absentia. This is accomplished by recording a video/audio file of your finest performance, placing it on YouTube, and sending an email to Kurt Berentsen with the file link. Once you arrive at Concordia for school a live audition will be scheduled to verify this recording.

General auditions for individuals who wish to audition for admittance to one of the music ensembles and not for scholarship consideration are also held at the beginning of the first week of fall classes.

For additional information or to schedule an audition, please contact Kurt Berentsen, Music Program Director, at 503-280-8511 or by email:

    ► Click HERE to listen to the Concordia Concert Choir (MP4).

    ► Click HERE to listen to the Concordia Christi Crux Vocal Ensemble (MP4).