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Pre-Law Program

Participate in the CU Pre Law Society

What should I major in to get into law school?

Great question! The fact of the matter is that law schools will tell you it does not matter. In shaping their classes they look for all backgrounds. So what should you do?

Every year a number of Concordia graduates go on to law school and become attorneys. To better prepare students for this experience, the CU Pre-Law Society was established. Through a generous grant from the Law Firm of Miller Nash LLP, Portland Office, students are afforded the opportunity to visit two law schools a year to learn first-hand about law school,  visit a law firm, attend law lectures at near by law schools, and take advantage of a growing “introduction to law school” library. Personal one-on-one advising, however, is the hallmark of the Concordia program.

To learn more about law school, becoming an attorney, and participating in the CU Pre-Law Society, contact our College of Theology, Arts, & Sciences.